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About Phyllis Bubnick RMT

Phyllis Bubnick, RMT is now situated in St. Catharines’ lovely North End within the offices of Lakeshore Chiropractic Group. Here, she has the opportunity to collaborate with a group of highly skilled professionals in an upscale and welcoming healthcare environment.

She is a Registered Massage Therapist with over twenty years’ experience working in the Health and Wellness industry in the Greater Toronto Area, Winnipeg and now Niagara.

Her athletic background with years of running, cycling, and swimming/triathlon has provided her with a strong empathy for patient injuries and chronic pain conditions. She has a passion for healing, an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology, and the ability to ask the right questions in order to determine the mechanism of injury.

Work Experience

Self-Employed Massage Therapy Practice

1997 – present, Etobicoke, ON, Winnipeg, MB, Niagara Region

  • Have worked with amateur and professional athletes, focusing on both injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Helped a small but loyal core of clients suffering from psychological and emotional instabilities
  • Employ CranioSacral Therapy as needed, often achieving results where other therapies have been minimally effective
  • Use knowledge gained as Personal Trainer to design effective rehabilitation exercise programs

Spinning Instructor, Sports Clubs of Canada/Goodlife Fitness

November 2001 – May 2014, part-time, Etobicoke, ON

Massage Therapist at Physiotherapy Clinics

2008 – 2014, 2 part-time positions

  • Worked in team environments, specializing in motor vehicle accident rehabilitation.
  • Was effective in use of CranioSacral Therapy on very difficult brain-injury cases to prepare patients for more traditional modalities.

Massage Therapist at Sports Clubs of Canada, Kingsmill

2003 – 2005, part-time position, Etobicoke, ON

Massage Therapist at Columbus Centre of Toronto

1997 – 1999, part-time position, North York, ON

Massage Therapist with Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

Summers 1997 – 2005, Ontario Tournament Locations

  • Provided sports massage therapy during tournaments to international Olympic and professional beach volleyball athletes

Massage Therapist, National Sport Centre

September 2000 – December 2001, Ontario

  • Official Service Provider for listed high performance athletes

Massage Therapist, Canada Basketball

Summer of 2000

  • Worked with Women’s National Basketball team prior to their departure for the 2000 Olympic Games